Rooney wants to win Euro 2016

English soccer team has ever been the most talked about side no matter what their performance says about their fate and this time when they are unbeatable in the Euro 2016, their exaggeration is on the peak. Like many experts of the game, Wayne Rooney also believes his side can do magic this summer by lifting the Euro title. Knowingly, it has been more than fifty years There Lions won the world cup at home and since they are always struggling to prove they are one of the biggest European sides. Despite the fact that they did not lose a single game this Euro season, they looked like wasting their dominance in last few games by scoring either no goal or lesser number of goals which is itching the Englishman and he believes they can recover out of this problem very soon. This is also a fact that Hodgson made mistake by rotating key players in the game against Slovakia on Monday that’s why they could not win that game else they would have been much stronger on the table.

Talking about the golden opportunity Three Lions have got now and if he is equally pressurized to deliver in front on national expectations, Rooney said, “I have always held a lot of pressure in at previous tournaments, feeling I have to be the one who has to win games and tournaments. But we now have a lot of players who can do that and I am happy to sit in the background and allow the players do that. If I have to be the person to step up and win us games, I will do that. But I am happy with the way it is going and my role in the team. The pressure is on us all to do well but I have always gone into a tournament thinking, ‘if I don’t play at my best I cannot see us winning it’.

“I have come into this tournament and we have players capable of doing magical things. We are different but we have match-winners. We have five or six match-winners in our team and I cannot say we have always had that.”

Talking about the other heavyweights and if he is worried about them, the 30-year-old added, “If this was four years ago and you were saying you have to play France, Spain, Germany, you would have been worried. I think the gap has changed, and not just with ourselves to then teams but with the likes of Wales. Belgium have become a really good team. Italy are doing well, as they always do at tournaments. The gap to get to those teams is not as big.”


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ManU denies any decision over Mourinho appointment on top post

Whenever a big side dismisses its manager for obvious reasons and brings in the new boss, media starts following the new entrant as if he is the only one in soccer world even if same one has also been under fire from his previous side. The 53-year-old Portuguese mentor José Mourinho is one such boss who is about to join Manchester United replacing Van Gaal on the top post. Since official announcement is in waiting but it is almost confirmed he will be leading the Red Devils this summer. Now comes the exaggeration that usually comes from the media houses who start raising the bar on every new high profile arrival. This time media stories are filled with Mourinho talking about his past and how successful he has been leading his former sides and of course what led Chelsea fired him in the last season. According to closed insiders, ManU could announce his official entry to the top club post this week although Portuguese is refusing to have been under any kind of pressure to sign the deal.

Talking about him and if he is also having been in touch with Paris Saint-Germain for the similar role, former Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins said, “Whilst he’s been out of the game, he’ll have been around the world, looking at players, and assessing what he can do if he gets back in at a club. I think he’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to bring in the players he wants. He’s a very intense guy. I think it’s the right move. I think it’s the only move for them. He will get them playing, he will get them winning again.

“He is a winner, there are no two ways about it. When he goes in, the club normally wins a big trophy, the first couple of years that he’s there. He is very clever. When he first started off, when he took Porto to the Champions League final and won it, that was remarkable. He only had one or two world class players in that side.”

Ray Wilkins is the one who has played for ManU during his playing career hence he wants Mourinho to serve Old Trafford side and deliver his best, he added, “It’s been a just a tad disrespectful, as far as Van Gaal is concerned. Decisions should have been made and United should have come out and said what the situation was. I thought the way City dealt with the Pellegrini situation was spot on. He wasn’t going to be there, the rumours were rife that Guardiola was going to take over, and I thought they handled that in the best possible fashion.”

Not forcing Eden Hazard to get back into the field: Guus Hiddink

The much talked about Premier League club Chelsea is again in the news, but for a change, not for their defeats but for the way newly appointed manager is forcing injured but promising forward Eden Hazard to recover fast off his injuries. Actually, problem starts when Hazard’s father himself blamed Guus Hiddink for forcing injured Belgian international, who had been the integral part of their last year title performance, to get back into his form again faster than enough. Although, Dutch boss has denied of having done anything like that, however, he as well praised their in-form player for his affords to recover off his groin and hip problems faster. This is a fact that Hazard scored fourteen goals last season and helped Stamford Bridge side won English topflight, but this year, as we know, neither he nor Blues could replicate same form and manager Jose Mourinho had to leave his job for the worst show of recent time by the North Londoners along with 25-year-old himself who failed to score a single goal in last 24 club games in all competitions which is not only surprising but shocking too for Blues fans hence they want him to completely recover off his problem to deliver like what he did last year.

Although, Hazard drew much criticism for his apparent move to Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid post summer, but this time his own father has blamed the club head coach for putting undue pressure over him which could hamper his injurie to the worst. Talking about the allegation being leveled by senior Fernandinho, Hiddink completely disagrees what is being flashed in the media and said, “I don’t think so because we talk with the players as well and measure them. We have a system that tells us when players are coming into fatigue and the risk of injury is higher. We experienced that with Pedro — he was working very hard but a little bit of fatigue. Eden also had this problem a few weeks ago when coming back from his injury, going into what we call the red zone.

“But now that risk is not very big anymore. He can work hard without having a risk of going into a big injury.”

Adding about early comeback of the last season’s star performer, he said, “Most of the time it’s getting them more into the feeling of spontaneous action. Don’t think too much, go in and do what you’re good at. We try not to overthink and overact. But of course getting top fit will help. I will always support him when his effort is 100 percent and so far his effort to get where he wants to be is 100 percent.”

We give away ‘Cheap Goals’ to let Liverpool win Europa League game

Uefa Europa League

When you have already been subjected to enough criticism for the worst show, not much is left for you to excuse for your following defeats and this is what seems to be happening with Manchester United’s highly under pressure boss Louis van Gaal who is almost ashamed after his side another defeat – this time to Liverpool in Europa League. Had they win the game they could have some respite off their premier league setback with an entry to last 16, but Daniel Sturridge and Roberto Firmino did not let this happen and capitalized over the penalties as and when they were awarded to them at Anfield, although, Red Devils manager did not confirm with few decisions including the one when Memphis Depay was adjudged to have pulled back Nathaniel Clyne. Although, it is expected from anyone who has consistently been losing games one after another, hence no one is buying Dutchman’s allegations over referees’ decisions while former Real Madrid boss has altogether a different opinion over the course of the game that made them almost an underdog of English soccer.

He, however, called both the goals cheap ones which could have been avoided with a little afford from his men, but as well agreed they have lost their track which has as well cleared the way for former Chelsea manager to replace him at Manchester. He said after the game, “I have to say Liverpool created an atmosphere that was fantastic. In the first half, we couldn’t cope with Liverpool’s pressure. David De Gea was fantastic. But it was a cheap penalty. He was held outside the box then he fell down. But it’s difficult — you can’t see it in one second. How their goals came was cheap.

“In the second half, we changed the shape then made much more contribution to the game, but we didn’t create many chances. They then scored another cheap goal. Two-nil is a very difficult score for us. We have to create an atmosphere like Liverpool have done.”

Moreover, adding about the second goal and how it was not the legitimate one, 64-year-old explained, “The guy who plays the pass for the second goal was already offside. When you give a sharp penalty, you then have to be sharp with the offside. I have not seen that, but Fellaini was one of the best players on the pitch. I’m very sorry when he makes a mistake like that. Is it important what Rio Ferdinand is saying, is that important to you? You don’t give your opinion and then you give Rio Ferdinand’s opinion — that is very strong of you,” he reacted over Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes comments about their performance.

Real Madrid emphatic 7-1 victory over Celta Vigo; Ronaldo shines with his four goals

Real Madrid 7-1 Celta Vigo

No matter if Real Madrid is winning titles these days or not, or if they are anyway looking to take away any big silverware this season, they have always been in the news for their firing forward line and this time too when everyone is talking about Ronaldo’s recent media statement where he grossly presented himself way better than anyone else in the side, this Portuguese guy did it again. He scored a four-goal haul in the last 7-1 crushing victory over Celta Vigo at home. It was the first time Real were paying in home ground after shocking 1-0 defeat to Atletico and expectedly when they entered into the field whole crowd hooted them for the way they were overcome by the city mate. But anyways, 31-year-old former Manchester United forward was not in a mood to give it away that easy and he almost devastated the Eduardo Berizzo defense. Although, first half was rather a nail biting one when none of the side could manage to score the net except Pepe who just hit the touchline before the half time.

Second half was the one to look for where Ronaldo scored four goals in 25 minutes to take his side at invincible position; his tally this season has now touched 252 goals in just 228 La Liga games! Then, Jese Rodriguez and Gareth Bale added some cherries to their lead and fans started bucking up their side. Looking at this performance, manager Zidane said, “I will stick with his performance. It’s part of football that the fans whistle sometimes, not just Cristiano. It is like that. These are demanding fans who know the game well and always want more from their players. That is good to improve, to do more, and we always need to do more.

“Then, you all know Cristiano — he is capable of putting in four. Few can do that. He is unique. It is unique. It is something that just he has. You say I hit it well … maybe from closer in, and I never scored four goals, so I don’t know the feeling. Few players can have that feeling. He is at Madrid, he is strong, he is able to score goals in about 30 minutes. I cannot explain more than that. I am happy when I see him scoring goals.”

Adding about the change in mood of the crowd and how they began applauding home side, 43-year-old Frenchman added, “There was something said at half-time, of course, but in the first half the opponent played too. They are a good team. We knew it would be difficult to play well for 90 minutes. In the second half we came out very strong, pressed more up front, and then always when you score a goal it is easier.”