ManU denies any decision over Mourinho appointment on top post

Whenever a big side dismisses its manager for obvious reasons and brings in the new boss, media starts following the new entrant as if he is the only one in soccer world even if same one has also been under fire from his previous side. The 53-year-old Portuguese mentor José Mourinho is one such boss who is about to join Manchester United replacing Van Gaal on the top post. Since official announcement is in waiting but it is almost confirmed he will be leading the Red Devils this summer. Now comes the exaggeration that usually comes from the media houses who start raising the bar on every new high profile arrival. This time media stories are filled with Mourinho talking about his past and how successful he has been leading his former sides and of course what led Chelsea fired him in the last season. According to closed insiders, ManU could announce his official entry to the top club post this week although Portuguese is refusing to have been under any kind of pressure to sign the deal.

Talking about him and if he is also having been in touch with Paris Saint-Germain for the similar role, former Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins said, “Whilst he’s been out of the game, he’ll have been around the world, looking at players, and assessing what he can do if he gets back in at a club. I think he’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to bring in the players he wants. He’s a very intense guy. I think it’s the right move. I think it’s the only move for them. He will get them playing, he will get them winning again.

“He is a winner, there are no two ways about it. When he goes in, the club normally wins a big trophy, the first couple of years that he’s there. He is very clever. When he first started off, when he took Porto to the Champions League final and won it, that was remarkable. He only had one or two world class players in that side.”

Ray Wilkins is the one who has played for ManU during his playing career hence he wants Mourinho to serve Old Trafford side and deliver his best, he added, “It’s been a just a tad disrespectful, as far as Van Gaal is concerned. Decisions should have been made and United should have come out and said what the situation was. I thought the way City dealt with the Pellegrini situation was spot on. He wasn’t going to be there, the rumours were rife that Guardiola was going to take over, and I thought they handled that in the best possible fashion.”

Mourinho visits Milan, denies joining Nerazzurri again

Ever since Jose Mourinho has been fired from his managerial post at Stamford Bridge, he has been in the limelight not for his past, but for his future destinations. Every time Portuguese is in talk with officials of any side, media considers it preliminary meeting of a possible deal and this is what happened when Portuguese attended Inter Milan‘s match against Sampdoria last Saturday. Everyone is taking his Italian visit his attempt to secure another job leading his former side, but nulling all the reports of him linking with Serie A side Mourinho says he is not going to return San Siro next summer. Actually, he has been one of the most successful mentors for Inter Milan who led them from 2008-2010 and won treble of Serie A, Coppa Italia, and UEFA Champions League titles in his final year and for this reason, fans want him to come back and deliver similar results.

While on the others side, there have been rumors in England that he is all set to join Manchester United and has signed a £48m deal to take over Van Gaal next summer which contradicts his Inter Milan move and clarifying his possible move to Italy and if he is keen to join back his former baby, 53-year-old Portuguese said, “I’ll be in Milan for one day — I am grateful to my president Massimo Moratti, who I want to personally thank. I left Inter in 2010 and since then I have worked hard at Real Madrid and Chelsea, so it has been hard to find the time to have lunch with the Moratti family. We agreed to see each other a couple of weeks ago. After being together for lunch we will go to San Siro, bringing with us the spirit of Inter, with the hope and happiness to see Inter win. It will be very emotional for me — San Siro, the Inter fans.

“But one thing I want to clarify, I will not be in charge next season. Inter have a project and that is Erick Thohir and Roberto Mancini. Their ideas have my full support and my hope is that the project of the coach and the president continues with great success.”

Adding about his United talks and if he is in advance stage of a possible deal, he did not clear his state of mind and said, “My next club? I really don’t know. One thing is certain; I love football and I will return on the fields with the same passion and ambition as always. Right now I have respect for every coach and every club. I’m not looking for a club; it is the clubs who seek me.”

Mourinho is given two games to secure his job: Reports

If any side has been in the media not for its good show but for its surprising reversal of form from the last year, it is definitely league defenders Chelsea who has been the only defender in recent times to conceive more than five defeats in the first half of the season and if rumors are to be believed Chelsea manager is given two more games to secure his job, according to media reports. This is despite the fact that manager Jose Mourinho has expressed his confidence about his future leading North Londoners yet Blues last defeat to Anfield side at home, which was sixth of the last ten for Stamford Bridge side, changed everything for Portuguese in England. Carlo Ancelotti is the first name that could replace the second term serving boss on a temporary basis for his short experience serving the side from 2009 to 2011 if former is asked to leave the job and club owner Roman Abramovich has also hinted in his recent interview that they could take an extreme step during November international break if former Everton boss fails to win the confidence.

Actually, no one is in a position to tell the exact cause of Chelsea failure this reason: many call it a superstition effect that did never let anyone perform well in his third league campaign, many are taking it just a correction period for the defenders after an unprecedented show in the last season. Now, when Chelsea are heading for their next Champions league game with Kiev, manager Mourinho is not talking it less than a do or die affair for his survival especially after getting an open support from fans during Liverpool game, he said, “It’s a big game. It’s a game that we cannot lose. We still can finish first, second or third, and obviously we want to finish in the top two.

“There are things that are out of our hands. The players tried. You could feel, and not just because we scored in the first couple of minutes, the attitude, desire. It was 50-50 despite the fact we were winning 1-0. There were two minutes of added time and we conceded the goal after two minutes and 35 seconds. What happened in the second half was a consequence of crucial moments, moments that the stadium saw, and more than just see it, the players felt it. From then, what happened was just a consequence.”

Mourinho’s cautious media brief after 3-1 home defat to Liverpool

Chelsea 1 – 3 Liverpool_FC

Jose Mourinho seems to have become most vulnerable manager in this league season especially after his yesterday’s home defeat to Liverpool which gave more reasons to lambast second term serving manager’s role in Chelsea current league campaign. The outspoken Portuguese controlled his words after the 3-1 loss to Liverpool and actually said nothing against him, his side, or anything – which is a surprising reaction from him! On the other side, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp celebrated his first league win heading the Anfield side and his side also did not disappoint him in securing their first major win against the defenders in last many years. However, the important highlight of the game was former Everton boss who looked absolutely helpless after being linked with media reports that suggest he would now lose his job. Reacting over the media questions about his team and how he sees this defeat considering his future in England, Mourinho replied, “I have nothing, nothing to say. Nothing. Nothing to say.”

The interesting thing that everyone saw inside the ground was fans support that second term serving boss got during the game, it was nowhere visible that he is losing fans backing after a dismissal show as league defenders in the season and reacting over those vibes, Portuguese said, “The fans are not stupid.”

Moreover, he also asked everyone to see the game and then give an honestly review about Blues performance. He added, “The players, they tried. You could feel the attitude. You could feel the desire and that the game was 50/50. The recognition of our work is just by getting results. We have some players that are really sad in the dressing room and I am full of respect for them but we see match after match that they are not getting the respect they deserve.

“I am really, really sorry with that lack of respect for professionals.”

Without being aggressive over provoking media questions, he politely said, “You are all intelligent guys. If you want to write, you write. Next press conference I will bring you nice glasses. Maybe you see the game in a better way. There are things that are out of our hands. Two minutes’ extra time, we concede the goal on two minutes 35 seconds. Then, what happened in the second half, everything is a consequence of some crucial moments.

“Moments that the stadium saw, the players more than see, the players felt it. From now, what happens is just a consequence.”

Martinez criticizes Mourinho’s means to lure John Stones

Big sides are known for using evet trick of the book to bring a player they want and if we are talking about English sides, it becomes even truer since mentors over there are hard strategic and core focused over any player they see capable to help them sustain a good ranking in premier league. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Chelsea and its second term serving manager Jose Mourinho who is the master of playing mind games, we have seen his ability in the last season when he kept lambasting everyone and gained the sympathy that eventually helped them win the league trophy. According to reports, Portuguese is after Everton’s 21-year-old defender John Stones and has already offered a £20 million bid for the youngster which was rejected instantly by the Goodison Park side. Like all the previous examples, Blues boss is reportedly trying to convince the centre-back that he is having a better future if he decides to move to North London. Although. there is nothing wrong in this practice but this is something that is not being liked by the Everton boss Roberto Martínez who lambasted former Real Madrid boss for using unethical means to lure his player.

He was talking after his side’s defeat in Barclays Asia Trophy final to Arsenal in Singapore and made it clear they will not sell Stones no matter what the price tag North Londoners put over him. Actually, he is afraid of losing his eye candy since Chelsea can lure any player and if Mourinho could entice him, Blues can easily trigger his transfer clause and this is something that is itching the 42-year-old, he added, “At Everton, we take pride in developing young players and giving them our own way of football education. Therefore, when a youngster is linked to a big club it is a matter of pride. However, Stones will very much be an Everton player. We are not a selling club. At Everton, we would not have chosen methods adopted by Chelsea. I am not happy at them having spoken to the media in such a manner.”

While if we look at the vibes in Blues army about the 21-year-old, captain John Terry has himself praised the player last month when said, “My aim right now is try and nail down a regular spot in the Everton team and hopefully that will take care of playing for England. I have to keep learning from the likes of Phil Jagielka and keep progressing at the club,” so it looks likely they will succeed in bringing him at Stamford Bridge.