We give away ‘Cheap Goals’ to let Liverpool win Europa League game

Uefa Europa League

When you have already been subjected to enough criticism for the worst show, not much is left for you to excuse for your following defeats and this is what seems to be happening with Manchester United’s highly under pressure boss Louis van Gaal who is almost ashamed after his side another defeat – this time to Liverpool in Europa League. Had they win the game they could have some respite off their premier league setback with an entry to last 16, but Daniel Sturridge and Roberto Firmino did not let this happen and capitalized over the penalties as and when they were awarded to them at Anfield, although, Red Devils manager did not confirm with few decisions including the one when Memphis Depay was adjudged to have pulled back Nathaniel Clyne. Although, it is expected from anyone who has consistently been losing games one after another, hence no one is buying Dutchman’s allegations over referees’ decisions while former Real Madrid boss has altogether a different opinion over the course of the game that made them almost an underdog of English soccer.

He, however, called both the goals cheap ones which could have been avoided with a little afford from his men, but as well agreed they have lost their track which has as well cleared the way for former Chelsea manager to replace him at Manchester. He said after the game, “I have to say Liverpool created an atmosphere that was fantastic. In the first half, we couldn’t cope with Liverpool’s pressure. David De Gea was fantastic. But it was a cheap penalty. He was held outside the box then he fell down. But it’s difficult — you can’t see it in one second. How their goals came was cheap.

“In the second half, we changed the shape then made much more contribution to the game, but we didn’t create many chances. They then scored another cheap goal. Two-nil is a very difficult score for us. We have to create an atmosphere like Liverpool have done.”

Moreover, adding about the second goal and how it was not the legitimate one, 64-year-old explained, “The guy who plays the pass for the second goal was already offside. When you give a sharp penalty, you then have to be sharp with the offside. I have not seen that, but Fellaini was one of the best players on the pitch. I’m very sorry when he makes a mistake like that. Is it important what Rio Ferdinand is saying, is that important to you? You don’t give your opinion and then you give Rio Ferdinand’s opinion — that is very strong of you,” he reacted over Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes comments about their performance.

Van Gaal promises a firing show against Wolfsburg in the Champions League

Manchester United seems to have been losing its touch over the form that is why they are slowly going down in the leaderboard and reason for this is obviously lack of their striking power where they are not able to fire goals to win games. Facing the heat from every corner manager Louis Van Gaal accepts to have completely failed in terms of leading the side in crucial moments, yet he believes they can comeback in the premier league in no time. If we look at last nine games played by the Red Devils, they could only net six goals in them which poses a serious threat for their champions league survival. Nulling the rumors about his sacking from the top club post, Dutchman promises their show in the upcoming Championship league showdown with Wolfsburg Tuesday night will be a completely different affair. Briefing a news conference ahead of their faceoff with Bundesliga side, 64-year-old said, “You never know for sure, but I have the experience as a manager that the goals shall come, because when you are creating chances at the end you will score and finish those chances. That is why we have that belief and it’s a matter of time and I hope we can prove it tomorrow already.

Adding about their odds in the UEFA league after having a starving domestic show, Dutchman looks far more determined this time especially considering their survival in the next Championship league stage, he said, “We have to fight also against Manchester City in the league, or against Liverpool and for the fans these are very important, but in this moment I believe this is the most important match, but that is this moment.

“It is also very important for the club to continue in the Champions League, also for the players because they want to show the qualities on the highest podium, and that is also why it’s very important. As a manager I have played three finals so that is a lot I think. We have won one and lost two, and my big friend was there. When you lose you are so close, so it is so disappointing, but now, we are in a qualification group — that is in my opinion different.

“You have to prove as a club, as a team, as players — you have to prove yourself that you continue, that’s why it is very important to beat the opponent tomorrow because we have to be undependable of the result of PSV Eindhoven.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic answers Danish taunts over his retirement

Every soccer game carries a fight inside and outside of the field and last Euro qualifier between Denmark and Sweden was one such game that could have possibly been the last career game for Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimović had his side lost the game, but thankfully not only he helped his side reach into the Euro 2016 but as well answered his critics who have long been mocking over him for possibly the last game of his career if Sweden lose Tuesday game. The next year’s European evet would be the last for 34-year-old hence he made no mistake in making it sure they will be the confirmed entrant to the event. Apparently, Danish fans were waiting for his retirement after Blågult defeat in yesterday game but Ibrahimović aggressive gameplay sent Denmark to retirement, this is what is being believed by the Ibrahimović. He said, “There was the thought that this would send me into retirement. I sent their entire country into retirement.

“All of the chat before, and we took ourselves to the playoffs. Many were disappointed with that, but we still had a chance. We got Denmark, everything was against us. We hadn’t won, I hadn’t scored a goal, but we stayed patient. We knew what we wanted: the people who wanted to go to the European Championships most would get there, and that was us.”

However, he made it sure that next year’s event would be the last for PSG’s striker and also criticized the media for unnecessary highlighting his age ahead of every crucial game. Moreover, his performance in the game led at least two Danish figures: coach Morten Olsen and defender Lars Jacobsen go into retirement as both have already announced to leave the game after Euro competition but their disqualification steered them go early. Ibrahimovic added, “It’s destiny that I get the chance to finish at the European Championships. A lot of people complain that I’m old and weak, but it doesn’t look like that.

“How much do we owe to Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Of course, a lot, but we are a team and everyone works really hard. Of course it’s a blessing that we can have him in front to score these important goals. He’s really important but everyone did a massive job today. Obviously we’re hugely happy, considering we had been called Sweden’s worst ever team. So considering that, it’s quite good to get to the European Championships.

“We have done a fantastic job. Considering what we’ve been called, what the team has been called, what the guys have been called, I’m very happy. But it’s not revenge.”

France should give up its Euro 2016 hosting rights: Just Fontaine

Amid severe security thread after France terrorist attacks, soccer world seems to have shaken its confidence that is why several games involving French players or destinations have to be called off for obvious reasons, and guess what, UEFA has taken a confident note of the threat over European firmness over the game. Yes, as per latest news coming from UEFA den, Euro 2016 will go ahead as planned without any change to the venue or time. This is informed by UEFA yesterday after going through the aftermath of recent suicidal attacks on France that claimed at least 150 lives and more than 200 injured including two blasts around the soccer venue. However, there are many who are taking it a brave attempt by the French government as it will provoke the extremists to stringent their plans to target the Europe again. France’s 1958 World Cup star Just Fontaine is first known figure to ask the country to give up the hosting for Euro 2016 amid severe security threat to every team and its players going to impart in the mega soccer event while UEFA has claimed via its website post that they will continue with the scheduled program without any forced changes.

European watchdogs said over their official web portal showing their strict stand against the recent threats, “For over three years now, Euro 2016 SAS has been working closely with the relevant authorities to develop the most appropriate mechanisms in order to guarantee there is a safe and secure tournament and we are confident that the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that is the case for all involved. The Euro final draw will go ahead as scheduled on Dec. 12 at the Palais des Congres in Paris and the final tournament will be played in France from June 10 to July 10, 2016.

“Following the dramatic events that occurred last Friday in Paris, UEFA and Euro 2016 SAS wish to reaffirm their commitment in placing safety and security at the centre of their organisational plans.”

While Fontaine said supporting his advice to call off the event on French soil, “Any other country could stage, but we cannot. I think France should forego the tournament. I am very afraid that this black Friday could be repeated. I think we cannot guarantee the safety that is required to host such a big event. It is simply too dangerous. Do you really think that people are going to go to the Stade de France in future?”

Wenger on cloud nine after defeating Bayern Munich in the Champions League

If your fate is shaking in European, Premier, or in any league for that matter, even a single win can triple not only your confidence but whole team feels completely revitalized that helps them secure good score in upcoming games, and it seems to be holding true for Arsenal who has recently been struggling to stage a good show in both domestic as well European leagues. Their last Champions League showdown against Bayern Munich was one such game that was almost invincible on paper for the Gunners especially after their shoddy form in league season. But their emphatic 2-0 win against visitors at home took manager Arsene Wenger on cloud nine and he starts praising everything about his side specifically Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil show who netted one goal each in the latter half of the game. Had it been any other side, this win would have not meant that much as it is now being seen since German side is in brilliant form these days hence no one had expected them to face a clean sweep by English club.

Wenger played with the same lineup that he brought into the field this weekend and it was possibility his shaking move in experts eyes since none of his former players were behaving like stars in last few games and Frenchman’s move to play Theo Walcott in the middle looked to be a risky bet again but result changed the outlook of Emirate side when they roamed inside the field after a must win affords. Talking about the game and how important this win was for them to revive their hopes in European league, 65-year-old said, “We had an absolute necessity to win the game and we did it in an intense and disciplined way. It was a top-level game between two top-level teams. Bayern had more possession than us but we decided to make it tight in our final third and catch them on the break.

“The last part of the game where we went longer and used long balls we could play more in their half and they struggled. I think they dropped a bit physically as well but overall I think we have beaten a very strong team and kept a good level focus from the first to the last minute and kept a clean sheet as well.”

“I don’t know,” he added replying over their standing in the group. “We need a result at Bayern. Now let’s focus on Everton.”