Rooney wants to win Euro 2016

English soccer team has ever been the most talked about side no matter what their performance says about their fate and this time when they are unbeatable in the Euro 2016, their exaggeration is on the peak. Like many experts of the game, Wayne Rooney also believes his side can do magic this summer by lifting the Euro title. Knowingly, it has been more than fifty years There Lions won the world cup at home and since they are always struggling to prove they are one of the biggest European sides. Despite the fact that they did not lose a single game this Euro season, they looked like wasting their dominance in last few games by scoring either no goal or lesser number of goals which is itching the Englishman and he believes they can recover out of this problem very soon. This is also a fact that Hodgson made mistake by rotating key players in the game against Slovakia on Monday that’s why they could not win that game else they would have been much stronger on the table.

Talking about the golden opportunity Three Lions have got now and if he is equally pressurized to deliver in front on national expectations, Rooney said, “I have always held a lot of pressure in at previous tournaments, feeling I have to be the one who has to win games and tournaments. But we now have a lot of players who can do that and I am happy to sit in the background and allow the players do that. If I have to be the person to step up and win us games, I will do that. But I am happy with the way it is going and my role in the team. The pressure is on us all to do well but I have always gone into a tournament thinking, ‘if I don’t play at my best I cannot see us winning it’.

“I have come into this tournament and we have players capable of doing magical things. We are different but we have match-winners. We have five or six match-winners in our team and I cannot say we have always had that.”

Talking about the other heavyweights and if he is worried about them, the 30-year-old added, “If this was four years ago and you were saying you have to play France, Spain, Germany, you would have been worried. I think the gap has changed, and not just with ourselves to then teams but with the likes of Wales. Belgium have become a really good team. Italy are doing well, as they always do at tournaments. The gap to get to those teams is not as big.”


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