Not forcing Eden Hazard to get back into the field: Guus Hiddink

The much talked about Premier League club Chelsea is again in the news, but for a change, not for their defeats but for the way newly appointed manager is forcing injured but promising forward Eden Hazard to recover fast off his injuries. Actually, problem starts when Hazard’s father himself blamed Guus Hiddink for forcing injured Belgian international, who had been the integral part of their last year title performance, to get back into his form again faster than enough. Although, Dutch boss has denied of having done anything like that, however, he as well praised their in-form player for his affords to recover off his groin and hip problems faster. This is a fact that Hazard scored fourteen goals last season and helped Stamford Bridge side won English topflight, but this year, as we know, neither he nor Blues could replicate same form and manager Jose Mourinho had to leave his job for the worst show of recent time by the North Londoners along with 25-year-old himself who failed to score a single goal in last 24 club games in all competitions which is not only surprising but shocking too for Blues fans hence they want him to completely recover off his problem to deliver like what he did last year.

Although, Hazard drew much criticism for his apparent move to Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid post summer, but this time his own father has blamed the club head coach for putting undue pressure over him which could hamper his injurie to the worst. Talking about the allegation being leveled by senior Fernandinho, Hiddink completely disagrees what is being flashed in the media and said, “I don’t think so because we talk with the players as well and measure them. We have a system that tells us when players are coming into fatigue and the risk of injury is higher. We experienced that with Pedro — he was working very hard but a little bit of fatigue. Eden also had this problem a few weeks ago when coming back from his injury, going into what we call the red zone.

“But now that risk is not very big anymore. He can work hard without having a risk of going into a big injury.”

Adding about early comeback of the last season’s star performer, he said, “Most of the time it’s getting them more into the feeling of spontaneous action. Don’t think too much, go in and do what you’re good at. We try not to overthink and overact. But of course getting top fit will help. I will always support him when his effort is 100 percent and so far his effort to get where he wants to be is 100 percent.”