Ronaldo credits his well-maintained fitness for a flourishing ten-year career

Real Madrid has ever had an army of world class players carrying loads of world records into their name and for this reason it is generally believed if any player is the priciest he has to be belonged to the Real Madrid. Look at the current lineup of this Spanish giant, they are having services of two world’s steepest players of the world and of course Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them who is also having best strike rate in contemporary soccer and his record, which is decorated with many prestigious trophies, supports his class. Recently, when this Portuguese captain called himself best in the side and asked his colleagues to match his class to win titles in the field, he drew severe criticisms calling him a self-centered player who cares only of his personal feats but if we look at his contribution to Los Blancos success, it is simply unbelievable. Moreover, Ronaldo is possibility the only player to maintain his form and strike rate in last ten years which shows how serious he is for his fitness and form.

Former Manchester United player has also said this on several occasions that every player should follow him and keep a strict track on his fitness if he wants to survive longer in international soccer. Actually, this star forward is now thirty plus and assumingly not many years are left in his career now, so experts believe he should take care of his words before issuing any public statement since it can affect his glorious career. Anyways, talking about his ten years long career and how he could manage to keep himself in line with best soccer talent in the world, 31-year-old forward said, “Talent means nothing without hard work. I want to keep up my momentum. I think my level is the same in the last 10 years. I just want to keep doing the same with Real Madrid, winning trophies for the team as well as individual prizes so that my fans can be happy with Cristiano. That’s my motivation.

“We had a really good performance in Roma with two goals but now is going to be another game at home. We have a good advantage but you can not trust, we have to win playing well to get the next Champions League round. That’s what we want.”

Luis Enrique calls it ‘positive attitude’ that is helping them deliver brilliance this year too


How best a team performs is largely influenced by the morale level each of the teammates enjoys during or ahead of a league and if any side scores good in that area they become hard to beat and this is something that seems to be happening with Spanish giant Barcelona who seems like continuing from the last year when they triumphed as many as three titles. While everyone has his own views over this stunning form of the Camp Nou side, manager Luis Enrique calls it an aftermath of positive attitude his men carry with them. Let’s have a look over Barca’s last crushing 5-1 victory over Rayo Vallecano Thursday night powered by another hat trick by Messi; they were grossly just invincible, whole team carried a positive attitude that no one can beat them and result is in front of all of us, they look like marching towards the top of every tourney they participated in especially looking at their eight points clear lead to runner up Atletico Madrid at the top of the Primera Division standings.

Like always, 45-year-old Spanish coach showed his satisfaction over the way his team delivered in front of the hosts’ crowd, he said in the post-match news conference, “It is always difficult when you are facing an opponent like Rayo. But we overcome that in the best way with attitude, intensity and accuracy, making chances from regaining possession from Rayo. We played very well, and when the team shows this level of intensity and attitude it is very difficult for the opponent.”

However, he as well refused to claim themselves as the winner since there is plenty of time remaining in the season, yet he could not stop himself presenting his side as the best one this year. He added, “It all forms part of how the season plays out. We are getting close to the final third of the campaign, the nicest part, and we have to wait and see what we achieve at the end. We will win what we deserve to win. We are not too good in that statistic, but in the end it was just an anecdote from this game. We must improve in this aspect, but I have already said this is not something that worries me too much.”

Replying over questions about referee’s role in the game and if any of their decisions went against them, he politely replied, “I have nothing to say about the performance of the referee.”

David De Gea early recovery empowers Van Gaal to have enough options for goalpost

Even though Manchester United is the only league side this year who has faced negative media coverage more than others and most of the times their performance proved it but few times it was done with deliberate intentions to let their moral down. Apart from media, United is also facing injuries to several key players including, noticeably Wayne Rooney, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Luke Shaw, and Marcos Rojo and Van Gaal is finding it like bunch of salt over his wounds, but now there is some respite for the Dutchman after David De Gea’s early recovery from injury. According to Red Devils boss, 25-year-old Spanish is all set to return in the team within a week, and if it is true, it could mean a major morale boost for the side who has just sustained an emphatic 0-3 win over Shrewsbury in fifth round of FA Cup. If we look at United FA Cup’s journey they have been quite successful after missing their among top four space in the premier league table and Chris Smalling, Juan Mata, and Jesse Lingard, who scored in the last game, proved they would recoup their lost pride in the English topflight.

Talking about De Gea’s early recovery by the Midtjylland or Arsenal game this week, 64-year-old former Real Madrid boss said, “It was not so heavy the injury, so it is possible for Thursday but it is also possible against Arsenal. in my opinion is a big game because it’s a chance to qualify for the Champions League next season. But we have to win a lot of matches of course, it’s easily spoken about but doing it is different. But it is possible and then we’ll see. I think in March a lot of players are coming back and then we’ll have a full selection, and with our full selection we were first in the Premier League.”

Adding about the course of last game and if it was enough for the remaining of the season, Van Gaal said, “At half-time we were a wee bit disappointed but it’s hard to be critical because you’re playing against some unbelievable quality. I’m not going to take anything away from my players, you have to put your hand up and say they were outrageous at times. That’s what that kind of money buys you.

“We’ll be disappointed when we have seen the opportunities back that we haven’t scored. I’m determined I’m not going to be critical of the players because we came up against some fantastic quality. The players can walk away with their heads held high because they gave us everything they had.”

Mourinho visits Milan, denies joining Nerazzurri again

Ever since Jose Mourinho has been fired from his managerial post at Stamford Bridge, he has been in the limelight not for his past, but for his future destinations. Every time Portuguese is in talk with officials of any side, media considers it preliminary meeting of a possible deal and this is what happened when Portuguese attended Inter Milan‘s match against Sampdoria last Saturday. Everyone is taking his Italian visit his attempt to secure another job leading his former side, but nulling all the reports of him linking with Serie A side Mourinho says he is not going to return San Siro next summer. Actually, he has been one of the most successful mentors for Inter Milan who led them from 2008-2010 and won treble of Serie A, Coppa Italia, and UEFA Champions League titles in his final year and for this reason, fans want him to come back and deliver similar results.

While on the others side, there have been rumors in England that he is all set to join Manchester United and has signed a £48m deal to take over Van Gaal next summer which contradicts his Inter Milan move and clarifying his possible move to Italy and if he is keen to join back his former baby, 53-year-old Portuguese said, “I’ll be in Milan for one day — I am grateful to my president Massimo Moratti, who I want to personally thank. I left Inter in 2010 and since then I have worked hard at Real Madrid and Chelsea, so it has been hard to find the time to have lunch with the Moratti family. We agreed to see each other a couple of weeks ago. After being together for lunch we will go to San Siro, bringing with us the spirit of Inter, with the hope and happiness to see Inter win. It will be very emotional for me — San Siro, the Inter fans.

“But one thing I want to clarify, I will not be in charge next season. Inter have a project and that is Erick Thohir and Roberto Mancini. Their ideas have my full support and my hope is that the project of the coach and the president continues with great success.”

Adding about his United talks and if he is in advance stage of a possible deal, he did not clear his state of mind and said, “My next club? I really don’t know. One thing is certain; I love football and I will return on the fields with the same passion and ambition as always. Right now I have respect for every coach and every club. I’m not looking for a club; it is the clubs who seek me.”

Real Madrid beat Sporting Gijon amid injuries to Gareth Bale and Benzema

Real Madrid

The biggest concern for every new manager joining a big side has ever been the injuries that could hamper his success rate to the worst and Real Madrid’s newly appointed boss Zinedine Zidane seems not interested that anything like this happens to him hence he is not weighing Gareth Bale’s latest calf injury that mush, in fact, 43-year-old Frenchman is confident Bale would join them back soon after an impressive show in the Sunday’s 5-1 La Liga win over Sporting Gijon at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Actually, Bale’s form has ever been a cause of concern for everyone at Real and now when he is showing a sign of improvement, his injuries are not letting him perform with his full caliber. He was the one who opened the score tally for his side in the last game making his personal total to eleven in eight played games. Alongside, he got the full support of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema who as well scored two goals each to take Real’s lead to 5-0 at one time. Although, El Molinón side showed some resistance thereafter and shredded off one goal but it was too late by then.

The 26-year-old Wales international did not impart in the second half for his injury and his comeback has since been skeptical but after early medical scans it is now cleared he can join the team sooner than expected. Talking about the game and how they played at home, Zidane said in the post-match news conference, “We played a very good first half, very plugged in, very focused from the start. We prepared well. We are happy with how the game went. First half was spectacular, but we are going to improve. We have to improve a lot, and we will do that. What we want is to win games, but above all at end of the season, as that is when all is decided.

“Obviously it is a fantastic start, to score five goals twice is not easy at all. But I know the team we have, what we can do, what we will do in the future. I expect a lot from this team. To win many games and to win a trophy at the end of the season. This was against Sporting, we will have difficult games, as the season goes on, for sure.”