ManU denies any decision over Mourinho appointment on top post

Whenever a big side dismisses its manager for obvious reasons and brings in the new boss, media starts following the new entrant as if he is the only one in soccer world even if same one has also been under fire from his previous side. The 53-year-old Portuguese mentor José Mourinho is one such boss who is about to join Manchester United replacing Van Gaal on the top post. Since official announcement is in waiting but it is almost confirmed he will be leading the Red Devils this summer. Now comes the exaggeration that usually comes from the media houses who start raising the bar on every new high profile arrival. This time media stories are filled with Mourinho talking about his past and how successful he has been leading his former sides and of course what led Chelsea fired him in the last season. According to closed insiders, ManU could announce his official entry to the top club post this week although Portuguese is refusing to have been under any kind of pressure to sign the deal.

Talking about him and if he is also having been in touch with Paris Saint-Germain for the similar role, former Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins said, “Whilst he’s been out of the game, he’ll have been around the world, looking at players, and assessing what he can do if he gets back in at a club. I think he’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to do it his way. He’ll want to bring in the players he wants. He’s a very intense guy. I think it’s the right move. I think it’s the only move for them. He will get them playing, he will get them winning again.

“He is a winner, there are no two ways about it. When he goes in, the club normally wins a big trophy, the first couple of years that he’s there. He is very clever. When he first started off, when he took Porto to the Champions League final and won it, that was remarkable. He only had one or two world class players in that side.”

Ray Wilkins is the one who has played for ManU during his playing career hence he wants Mourinho to serve Old Trafford side and deliver his best, he added, “It’s been a just a tad disrespectful, as far as Van Gaal is concerned. Decisions should have been made and United should have come out and said what the situation was. I thought the way City dealt with the Pellegrini situation was spot on. He wasn’t going to be there, the rumours were rife that Guardiola was going to take over, and I thought they handled that in the best possible fashion.”