We give away ‘Cheap Goals’ to let Liverpool win Europa League game

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When you have already been subjected to enough criticism for the worst show, not much is left for you to excuse for your following defeats and this is what seems to be happening with Manchester United’s highly under pressure boss Louis van Gaal who is almost ashamed after his side another defeat – this time to Liverpool in Europa League. Had they win the game they could have some respite off their premier league setback with an entry to last 16, but Daniel Sturridge and Roberto Firmino did not let this happen and capitalized over the penalties as and when they were awarded to them at Anfield, although, Red Devils manager did not confirm with few decisions including the one when Memphis Depay was adjudged to have pulled back Nathaniel Clyne. Although, it is expected from anyone who has consistently been losing games one after another, hence no one is buying Dutchman’s allegations over referees’ decisions while former Real Madrid boss has altogether a different opinion over the course of the game that made them almost an underdog of English soccer.

He, however, called both the goals cheap ones which could have been avoided with a little afford from his men, but as well agreed they have lost their track which has as well cleared the way for former Chelsea manager to replace him at Manchester. He said after the game, “I have to say Liverpool created an atmosphere that was fantastic. In the first half, we couldn’t cope with Liverpool’s pressure. David De Gea was fantastic. But it was a cheap penalty. He was held outside the box then he fell down. But it’s difficult — you can’t see it in one second. How their goals came was cheap.

“In the second half, we changed the shape then made much more contribution to the game, but we didn’t create many chances. They then scored another cheap goal. Two-nil is a very difficult score for us. We have to create an atmosphere like Liverpool have done.”

Moreover, adding about the second goal and how it was not the legitimate one, 64-year-old explained, “The guy who plays the pass for the second goal was already offside. When you give a sharp penalty, you then have to be sharp with the offside. I have not seen that, but Fellaini was one of the best players on the pitch. I’m very sorry when he makes a mistake like that. Is it important what Rio Ferdinand is saying, is that important to you? You don’t give your opinion and then you give Rio Ferdinand’s opinion — that is very strong of you,” he reacted over Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes comments about their performance.

ManU beat Liverpool at Anfield; Van Gaal calls it a morale booster for whole side

When Manchester United is being criticized for not dominating its opponents in last few weeks, its latest triumph over in-form Liverpool is like a fresh air in Red Devils dressing room. However, they win only by a single goal but the way they restricted the home side is impressive looking at their show in recent time. Wayne Rooney was the only scorer, his 176th in premier league, that too happened at 78th-minute that proves how nail biting that game was. Anyways, this win brings a kind of respite for under pressure Van Gaal whose job has been under threat after not winning a single one out of last nine played games. On the other side, it was like a shocker for Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp who looked confident for their win at home especially in front of own fans. Calling it one of their best this season, Dutchman said after the game, “When you beat Liverpool, it is good for the fans and for the table as our competitors also lose points, it is a big step in a good direction and I am very happy.

“In the first-half we didn’t keep the ball and we have survived the first-half. In the second-half we played much better and kept the ball better and created chances and Wayne Rooney makes the fantastic goal again. We have played against Newcastle and given away two leads and now we have done the things we have trained and discussed so that is most precious aspect of the game today. We won and we have won a lot of games in 2016 now and have not lost yet.”

Without being overconfident with just one show, former Real Madrid boss added, “We have a lot of matches still to go. We started 2016 very good with a lot of wins and I think this game will give a big boost to the players and the fans, and everyone in the environment of Manchester United. We have to continue, which is not so easy. We have seen that today but we can do it because we show every week we can do it.”

“No, I don’t think so,” he said if it was their best show. “You have to see it always in perspective. It is a fantastic win for the fans, for me and the players and it will give us a boost, and maybe in that perspective you are right. There are matches we have played much better than today, and in that perspective I can’t say it is a good day because Liverpool were the better team in the first half and normally we are dominating games.”

Klopp thanks home fans’ support during hardest draw of the season


Every side has an advantage whenever it is up against any opponent on home turf coz home crowd is supposed to boost the morale of home team even if they are trailing decisively. Last Liverpool game against West Bromwich Albion at Anfield was one such game where hosts were once straggling by two goals and then it was almost sure they will have to face a surprising defeat but fans helped their side rejuvenate in the middle and gradually shred off the lead ending the game in a 2-2 draw. With that results, Reds’ board ranking improved by one position, i.e., they are now at number nine with goal difference of just one and manager Jurgen Klopp capitalized the opportunity and thanked his fans for not letting them down when they were under tremendous pressure. Visitors took advantage of the corners and Craig Dawson and Jonas Olsson exploited the opportunities by netting two goals. To answer their edge, 20-year-old Belgium Divock Origi scored the equalizer to earn some points out of a sure shot defeat.

Considering the game as the hardest for the new German boss, Klopp said in the post-match news conference, “We spoke about a special atmosphere, and it was a special atmosphere. It was such a hard game; we played on Thursday on ice and today against the wall. We played good, we created chances, but we got two set plays.

“I don’t know how many percent of our goals we concede are set plays — 98 percent or something like this — so we defended well, everything was good. Creating chances is not easy against a team like this, especially when you played on Thursday. You play against an opponent and they play long balls all the time, they only want set plays, free-kicks, whatever, so it was really, really hard.”

Adding about the response from crowd and if was grossly supportive, 48-year-old added, “Maybe the crowd was disappointed but they didn’t let us feel, and that’s the thing: we all were in the game, concentrated, we all wanted to get this one point at the end and it felt like three. In this moment, it was an explosion. It was the best atmosphere since I have been here. I really enjoyed it and at the end — I don’t know if it’s normal in England — I wanted to say thank-you, that’s all. Together with the team it was great, it was absolutely great.”

Jurgen Klopp accepts Liverpool was no near Newcastle in the defeat at St James’ Park

Liverpool is among the few promising league sides this season who have the guts to surprise anyone thanks to its newly appointed manager Jurgen Klopp who brought in this change to the last season’s highly demotivated side. Liverpool lost last premier league game against Newcastle by 2-0 which is important not for its result but for the way Reds played on the visiting field. They never looked in commanding position; in fact, kept missing opportunities hence could not score even a single goal at St James’ Park. This is surprising from a side who just triumphed Southampton side by 6-1 and manager Jurgen Klopp is not willing to digest it easily therefore he not only accepted his mistake but as well said it is better to lose these kinds of games. He was pointing over the mistakes his side did in the game that should have been under their control, but anyways, it is good to see someone is taking the responsibility of a defeat rather criticizing media, referees and all that.

Talking about the game and why they could not overcome the hosts, 48-year-old German said, “If you see the situation that Newcastle is in and the situation we are in, I have to say they deserved the win, maybe we could have deserved a point. I couldn’t see that we should have won three points because we were not good enough, we didn’t do what we could do. I have to see it again, I have to analyse this game so I know more about it. It’s hard work — that’s clear, but it shouldn’t be this hard because we could do better and play much more football.

“We played no counter-pressing. Pressing was not good….we were not compact enough — a lot of things we didn’t do well. Better you lose a bad game than a good game.”

Pointing out the mistakes his side did in the game, Klopp add after his second loss as Anfield boss, “Nearly everything, I would say. The start, the middle and the end. I don’t know. This was obviously not a really good football game, and that was 50 per cent because of Newcastle and 50 per cent because of Liverpool FC.

“It was an open game with no rhythm from our side. We were not creative enough, so we had no chances. We got this goal — it was something like a Christmas present or whatever. We made our goal, but because we weren’t good enough today, the linesman thought, ‘Don’t make world-class goals if you play this s—. The second goal I’m not interested in, it was a counter-attack and that’s normal. So we have to take this game and think about why it happened. That’s not the biggest issue in the world.”

Jurgen Klopp optimistic about Philippe Coutinho’s early recovery

Liverpool newly appointed manager Jurgen Klopp facing the challenge to deal with several injuries to his side’s star players and he feels a big vacuum is now on the back after missing players like Philippe Coutinho for injury. Although both Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Henderson are available to play again after a long absence from the field, yet Klopp is looking for 23-year-old Brazilian who has missed last three games for a hamstring problem he conceived during Saturday’s 4-1 win at Manchester City. Earlier, he was expected to came back after one game, but now after being in the stands for three games, manager wants him to recover sooner and take the responsibility although there is big relief to the side since return of Sturridge recouped the loss to some extend who scored twice in the Southampton win. Knowingly, Coutinho could join the team against Newcastle at St James’ Park on Sunday, however, it is still a guess and only manager can share the details on his recovery by then. Anyways, having been optimistic for a champions league qualification, Reds look focused over their upcoming games despite having been passing through several injuries and manager said on missing key players at this stage, “I like optimism, really, but with Phil we were too optimistic. Sometimes it happens like this and there is nothing to criticise — he has tried everything he can.

“He trained nearly normally but he doesn’t feel comfortable and we have to take care of this because the muscle is a dangerous thing when you always feel it a bit. He is training and we will wait. I can wait every day, it is no problem. If someone tells me, ‘now he is available,’ and next time he will play with us, no problem. Yesterday, no-one gave me this sign so today we have to wait again.”

Adding about Sturridge’s comeback and why he should shoulder most of the burden on his shoulders in absence of Coutinho, Klopp explained, “I think it is completely normal with a player with a long injury history. Obviously he did well in the last game and the plan before the game was to play about 55-60 minutes so that is what we did.

“Of course he felt each muscle after the game, that is normal because it was intensive, but in this moment he is available for the weekend and we will see.”