Van Gaal promises a firing show against Wolfsburg in the Champions League

Manchester United seems to have been losing its touch over the form that is why they are slowly going down in the leaderboard and reason for this is obviously lack of their striking power where they are not able to fire goals to win games. Facing the heat from every corner manager Louis Van Gaal accepts to have completely failed in terms of leading the side in crucial moments, yet he believes they can comeback in the premier league in no time. If we look at last nine games played by the Red Devils, they could only net six goals in them which poses a serious threat for their champions league survival. Nulling the rumors about his sacking from the top club post, Dutchman promises their show in the upcoming Championship league showdown with Wolfsburg Tuesday night will be a completely different affair. Briefing a news conference ahead of their faceoff with Bundesliga side, 64-year-old said, “You never know for sure, but I have the experience as a manager that the goals shall come, because when you are creating chances at the end you will score and finish those chances. That is why we have that belief and it’s a matter of time and I hope we can prove it tomorrow already.

Adding about their odds in the UEFA league after having a starving domestic show, Dutchman looks far more determined this time especially considering their survival in the next Championship league stage, he said, “We have to fight also against Manchester City in the league, or against Liverpool and for the fans these are very important, but in this moment I believe this is the most important match, but that is this moment.

“It is also very important for the club to continue in the Champions League, also for the players because they want to show the qualities on the highest podium, and that is also why it’s very important. As a manager I have played three finals so that is a lot I think. We have won one and lost two, and my big friend was there. When you lose you are so close, so it is so disappointing, but now, we are in a qualification group — that is in my opinion different.

“You have to prove as a club, as a team, as players — you have to prove yourself that you continue, that’s why it is very important to beat the opponent tomorrow because we have to be undependable of the result of PSV Eindhoven.”

Van Gaal defends Rooney’s drought of goals

When a skipper, who is supposed to lead from the front, fails to deliver, it becomes the responsibility of manager to keep him motivated with positive statements about his skills and how influential he has still been despite having been not so lucky in the field. Manchester United’s highly talented skipper Wayne Rooney is one such player who is missing his touch this season with just one goal to his name until now out of thirteen played games yet manager Louis van Gaal is counting over him for an impressive comeback on the top of board, in fact, Dutchman believes Rooney is still the biggest source of inspiration for other players to deliver their one hundred percent. Sidelining every rumor of having been rust in their relations, Gaal praises his skipper and says, “He’s our captain so that’s very important because his influence is bigger than every other player in our group. He’s a very important player for me, his colleagues, everybody.”

Experts are blaming this drought of goals to the new field spread of the English captain and Van Gaal is solemnly responsible for that change since 29-year-old has never been used to play back but former Real Madrid boss has a strong reason to believe Rooney can be more productive if he plays in the back. Talking about his new role, Gaal added, “He’s a second striker. Our No. 10 is a second striker. That’s what my preference is but sometimes I need another type in midfield. We’ll have to see if he continues with that because Wayne can play in different positions. He’s scored for us in the Champions League. So for me it is not so important who is scoring. We have scored a lot of goals. In the beginning your criticism was we don’t score goals, but now we’ve scored a lot of goals and you’re picking up an individual player and I don’t like that.

“I’m a manager who analyses opponents and give him advice as to how we can disorganise Everton’s defence and then maybe he can score. That is what I’m doing, not only for Wayne but all the players, especially from the view of the team tactics rather than the individual tactics.”

Nonetheless, United fans still rely over their manager’s statement and they are also not ready to accept captaincy has anything to do with Rooney form, Gaal reacted over this, “I think that is true (Captaincy burden). That is true but I don’t believe it with (Rooney), with his personality.”

Van Gaal lashes out over Victor Valdes, calls he has no future at Old Trafford

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has a kind of reputation where no one expects him to say anything not pleasing to anyone, in fact, he is often seeing expressing even his anger with a lighter tone, but this time he seems to be over reactive against 33-year-old goalkeeper Víctor Valdés who, according to Dutchman, is unprofessional and doesn’t have much time playing for the Red Devils. Actually, Gaal’s relations with the Spanish went unpleasant last season when Valdés refused to play in the reserves something that had later been severely criticized by the Dutchman. The 63-year-old revealed it after he omitted 33-year-old from preseason trip to the United States and included David De Gea, Anders Lindegaard, and Sam Johnstone instead. Explaining his hard step and why he had to take this, former Barcelona and Real Madrid manager said in a news conference in Seattle, “He is not selected because he does not follow my philosophy. Then there is not one place for one player. The philosophy is how you play football and how you maintain your match rhythm.

“For example, he refused last year to play in the second team. That is one aspect of our philosophy but there are a lot of others for how you have to play a goalkeeper for Manchester United. When you are not willing to follow the principles of the philosophy, there is only one way and that is out.”

Further criticizing the unprofessionalism Red Devils had to face from 33-year-old; Gaal said he felt like led down by the goalie when he refused to play in the second line, he added, “For us it is a big disappointment. We thought he would follow our philosophy but it is a pity because we have given an opportunity to rehabilitate and then we gave a contract. Then when he is fit to play and when you are not playing in the first selection you have to play in the second selection. He refused that. I want to help him and that he can show his qualities for another club. I am always a very social human being.”

If we look at the dramatic arithmetic inside the ManU squad, De Gea is the next one who could soon face an ousted from United if Real Madrid shows its serious interest in the Spanish goalie. Gaal added, “It is dependent on David De Gea. Shall he stay? He is training here and doing his utmost best.”