Zlatan Ibrahimovic answers Danish taunts over his retirement

Every soccer game carries a fight inside and outside of the field and last Euro qualifier between Denmark and Sweden was one such game that could have possibly been the last career game for Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimović had his side lost the game, but thankfully not only he helped his side reach into the Euro 2016 but as well answered his critics who have long been mocking over him for possibly the last game of his career if Sweden lose Tuesday game. The next year’s European evet would be the last for 34-year-old hence he made no mistake in making it sure they will be the confirmed entrant to the event. Apparently, Danish fans were waiting for his retirement after Blågult defeat in yesterday game but Ibrahimović aggressive gameplay sent Denmark to retirement, this is what is being believed by the Ibrahimović. He said, “There was the thought that this would send me into retirement. I sent their entire country into retirement.

“All of the chat before, and we took ourselves to the playoffs. Many were disappointed with that, but we still had a chance. We got Denmark, everything was against us. We hadn’t won, I hadn’t scored a goal, but we stayed patient. We knew what we wanted: the people who wanted to go to the European Championships most would get there, and that was us.”

However, he made it sure that next year’s event would be the last for PSG’s striker and also criticized the media for unnecessary highlighting his age ahead of every crucial game. Moreover, his performance in the game led at least two Danish figures: coach Morten Olsen and defender Lars Jacobsen go into retirement as both have already announced to leave the game after Euro competition but their disqualification steered them go early. Ibrahimovic added, “It’s destiny that I get the chance to finish at the European Championships. A lot of people complain that I’m old and weak, but it doesn’t look like that.

“How much do we owe to Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Of course, a lot, but we are a team and everyone works really hard. Of course it’s a blessing that we can have him in front to score these important goals. He’s really important but everyone did a massive job today. Obviously we’re hugely happy, considering we had been called Sweden’s worst ever team. So considering that, it’s quite good to get to the European Championships.

“We have done a fantastic job. Considering what we’ve been called, what the team has been called, what the guys have been called, I’m very happy. But it’s not revenge.”