Neymar would shine even more in Premier League: Ronaldinho

Neymar has ever been the most talked about player ever since he shined playing for Santos and now when he has become an integral part of Barcelona, there are many who imagine him playing for other teams and how would he perform in other popular leagues. Former ace Barcelona starlet Ronaldinho is one such player who insists Neymar is having one of the finest ball holding techniques including his trademark Rainbow Shot and he is possibly the only player who can shine even more playing for any other team in the world. He highlighted English premier league as the best place for him to gleam since it is knowingly the best tourney to get world attention. However, former Santos player does not need to prove anything yet former Brazilian pros often talk about him serving other giant sides and 35-year-old is one of them. He said this after Sr. Neymar hinted his son may not enlarge his contract with Spanish giant citing the running tax evasion case where he is also an accused for evading millions of States taxes.

Anyways, talking about his countryman, Ronaldinho assured Neymar would be as successful as he has been for his former sides no matter where he is playing and this charisma is more than enough to make him one of the all-time finest rollers of the ball. This is undoubtedly a moral boosting statement from one of the former legendries who has won FIFA World Player of the Year awards back in 2004 and 2005, he said, “He could and would succeed at any league in the world. Of course, there are always transition periods. But when you have that much ability you will succeed in any league in any country.

England is not an easy league to succeed in, but yes of course he would be a success there. I can’t see why Barcelona would want to allow him to leave, but if he was to, I’m sure that it would have to be for a record fee. Neymar, currently on form, is the best player in the world. His rise has not surprised me at all. Even when he was a kid his ability was obvious. At the age he is, I still have every belief he can go on to get better and better. Now he has reached the level of the best in the world, he can stay there for five or six years, comfortably.”

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