Luis Enrique calls it ‘positive attitude’ that is helping them deliver brilliance this year too


How best a team performs is largely influenced by the morale level each of the teammates enjoys during or ahead of a league and if any side scores good in that area they become hard to beat and this is something that seems to be happening with Spanish giant Barcelona who seems like continuing from the last year when they triumphed as many as three titles. While everyone has his own views over this stunning form of the Camp Nou side, manager Luis Enrique calls it an aftermath of positive attitude his men carry with them. Let’s have a look over Barca’s last crushing 5-1 victory over Rayo Vallecano Thursday night powered by another hat trick by Messi; they were grossly just invincible, whole team carried a positive attitude that no one can beat them and result is in front of all of us, they look like marching towards the top of every tourney they participated in especially looking at their eight points clear lead to runner up Atletico Madrid at the top of the Primera Division standings.

Like always, 45-year-old Spanish coach showed his satisfaction over the way his team delivered in front of the hosts’ crowd, he said in the post-match news conference, “It is always difficult when you are facing an opponent like Rayo. But we overcome that in the best way with attitude, intensity and accuracy, making chances from regaining possession from Rayo. We played very well, and when the team shows this level of intensity and attitude it is very difficult for the opponent.”

However, he as well refused to claim themselves as the winner since there is plenty of time remaining in the season, yet he could not stop himself presenting his side as the best one this year. He added, “It all forms part of how the season plays out. We are getting close to the final third of the campaign, the nicest part, and we have to wait and see what we achieve at the end. We will win what we deserve to win. We are not too good in that statistic, but in the end it was just an anecdote from this game. We must improve in this aspect, but I have already said this is not something that worries me too much.”

Replying over questions about referee’s role in the game and if any of their decisions went against them, he politely replied, “I have nothing to say about the performance of the referee.”