Ronaldo credits his well-maintained fitness for a flourishing ten-year career

Real Madrid has ever had an army of world class players carrying loads of world records into their name and for this reason it is generally believed if any player is the priciest he has to be belonged to the Real Madrid. Look at the current lineup of this Spanish giant, they are having services of two world’s steepest players of the world and of course Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them who is also having best strike rate in contemporary soccer and his record, which is decorated with many prestigious trophies, supports his class. Recently, when this Portuguese captain called himself best in the side and asked his colleagues to match his class to win titles in the field, he drew severe criticisms calling him a self-centered player who cares only of his personal feats but if we look at his contribution to Los Blancos success, it is simply unbelievable. Moreover, Ronaldo is possibility the only player to maintain his form and strike rate in last ten years which shows how serious he is for his fitness and form.

Former Manchester United player has also said this on several occasions that every player should follow him and keep a strict track on his fitness if he wants to survive longer in international soccer. Actually, this star forward is now thirty plus and assumingly not many years are left in his career now, so experts believe he should take care of his words before issuing any public statement since it can affect his glorious career. Anyways, talking about his ten years long career and how he could manage to keep himself in line with best soccer talent in the world, 31-year-old forward said, “Talent means nothing without hard work. I want to keep up my momentum. I think my level is the same in the last 10 years. I just want to keep doing the same with Real Madrid, winning trophies for the team as well as individual prizes so that my fans can be happy with Cristiano. That’s my motivation.

“We had a really good performance in Roma with two goals but now is going to be another game at home. We have a good advantage but you can not trust, we have to win playing well to get the next Champions League round. That’s what we want.”

Ronaldo ensures timely release of his documentary: “Ronaldo”

Big starts are known for their shining performances in the field over a longer period of time than others and to further enlarge their contribution to the game, there are many who have been featured in the motion movies in the past and if we talk about modern soccer, Real Madrid’s Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the only one to have a debut with a full featured film named “Ronaldo.” It is actually a documentary made on the life of the star forward and is about to release in London this Monday. But there could apparently be a delay in the premier if we rely on the close sources after Real’s 3-2 loss to Sevilla in La Liga. Although, both director of the documentary and player are nulling any such report but it looks a possibility amid recent media conversation with the club bosses. At the time of writing this story, Ronaldo has assured there will be no delay in releasing his documentary specifically for the defeat at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and fans also don’t want to have a postpone of the much talk about real life visualization of Portuguese career.

Ensuring a timely release of ‘Ronaldo’ Real starlet said to reporters, “Of course I’m a bit sad about the game yesterday, I don’t want to mix that up with today. This is one of the most important days of my life. Not everyone who plays gets the opportunity to have a film made about them by these people. It’s a unique moment in my life and I want to enjoy it. With United I have a great passion. What Jorge did for me at 18 with the words of Ferguson was a dream. To play in Sporting and move was ‘wow, what is that?’

“When Ferguson wanted me and said I’d play 50 percent of the games that was unbelievable. I took that decision because Jorge helped me. The last word from Ferguson was key also.”

Adding how different it was for him sharing the house with a film crew, he said, “At the beginning it was a little bit strange to be honest because during my life I have never put people in my house I don’t know…well…sometimes! Too much? Maybe but I just had fun. I don’t regret anything. I feel unbelievable. When you do something people will find reason to criticise you, but it’s normal.”

Ronaldo would go back to United: Jose Semedo

Soccer world is full of surprises where you cannot be sure if someone would continue playing his current side or not despite of having been a loyal teammate for it and Real Madrid’s highly successful forward Cristiano Ronaldo is one such player who has ever been in the media: most of time for his firing performances, while some time – for his transfer rumors. Every week we encounters at least one claim that suggests former Manchester United player would move out of Spain in later years of his professional career like other legendry players who switched to rather third zone clubs when they crossed a particular age. But if it could also happen to Ronaldo is still a skeptical thing since 30-year-old Portuguese is still in a fine form despite of his age and if we rely on Real president recent statement where he ensured they would continue enjoying his services until he reaches forty, no one should have any doubt of Ronaldo future. Former Sporting Lisbon teammate Jose Semedo is the next one to guess where Ronaldo could land in later stage of his career and expectedly he counts over ManU to hire his services again.

Semedo, who now plays for Sheffield Wednesday as centre-back, has been a close friend of Portuguese and he said this after having been in touch with the starlet for years. He supported his claims with the fact that Ronaldo won Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards when he used to be a United man and agrees of his successful run in Spain as well yet strongly believes, he would move to central Europe at some point of time. Talking about Ronaldo future, Semedo said, “He is very happy at Real Madrid he loves English football, he loves English people, and deep down I think he will come back to England because it doesn’t look like he wants to finish his career without getting back to England.

“He said he would wish Real Madrid is in England, but that is not possible. I believe he will end his career in English football again.”

Although, these rumors are in preliminary stage no one is taking them seriously and even Ronaldo has never said anything about this himself, but since he is growing with the time, and if Real would afford him if his age hinders his performance, would be interesting to see.

Rafa Benitez calls Ronaldo the key to success, talks about his plans for next season

Every side has a player who is termed as the backbone of it and if we look at any big side in contemporary soccer there is at least one starlet who is the identity of it and Real Madrid is not an exception who is identified with Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact, fans often take both Rolando and Real Madrid as synonym to each other. Newly appointed manager Rafa Benitez is the first top official of the side who accepts the strong bonding with the Portuguese when he said Ronaldo is the fundamental of Santiago Bernabéu side. This is not the first incident when we are hearing a flattering statement for the captain by a new manager as this is usually a part of well-planned strategy whereby new entrant boss tries to win the confidence of the key player first and then of the whole side and 55-year-old Spanish seems to be doing just that. Accordingly, he did not hint any change in the field spread in upcoming season, as expected by club sources, however, he says Bale can be put on central attacking line. This is not a news that Benitez could never had a reputation of an attacking coach and that is why when he joined the Spanish giant his critics started lambasting club think tank for bringing a defensive mentor to lead the side like Real Madrid.

Anyways, he is now in-charge of one of the biggies in the business and doing his best to shred off his limitations hence is committed to revamp the field place to suite his style of coaching. Talking about any key change in the side, 55-year-old said, “I want Real Madrid to be Real Madrid. I want us to be a team that go out to win every game, that take the initiative, are assertive, that attack as well as in recent years and that defend a little bit better, to achieve that balance that will enable us to win more games and have a greater chance of winning trophies.”

Adding about Real playmaker who scored 61 goals in all competitions last year, he said, “He’s a fundamental player for us. By meeting him and starting to exchange our thoughts with each other, we will be able to progress in terms of the dynamic of the group and get to know him better, so as to get the best out of him and so that the team can make the most of everything he has to offer.”