Ronaldo credits his well-maintained fitness for a flourishing ten-year career

Real Madrid has ever had an army of world class players carrying loads of world records into their name and for this reason it is generally believed if any player is the priciest he has to be belonged to the Real Madrid. Look at the current lineup of this Spanish giant, they are having services of two world’s steepest players of the world and of course Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them who is also having best strike rate in contemporary soccer and his record, which is decorated with many prestigious trophies, supports his class. Recently, when this Portuguese captain called himself best in the side and asked his colleagues to match his class to win titles in the field, he drew severe criticisms calling him a self-centered player who cares only of his personal feats but if we look at his contribution to Los Blancos success, it is simply unbelievable. Moreover, Ronaldo is possibility the only player to maintain his form and strike rate in last ten years which shows how serious he is for his fitness and form.

Former Manchester United player has also said this on several occasions that every player should follow him and keep a strict track on his fitness if he wants to survive longer in international soccer. Actually, this star forward is now thirty plus and assumingly not many years are left in his career now, so experts believe he should take care of his words before issuing any public statement since it can affect his glorious career. Anyways, talking about his ten years long career and how he could manage to keep himself in line with best soccer talent in the world, 31-year-old forward said, “Talent means nothing without hard work. I want to keep up my momentum. I think my level is the same in the last 10 years. I just want to keep doing the same with Real Madrid, winning trophies for the team as well as individual prizes so that my fans can be happy with Cristiano. That’s my motivation.

“We had a really good performance in Roma with two goals but now is going to be another game at home. We have a good advantage but you can not trust, we have to win playing well to get the next Champions League round. That’s what we want.”