Real president Florentino Perez expresses their unawareness over Denis Cheryshev issue

Real Madrid

Whenever we have a big and recognized soccer club in the field, it is not supposed from them to violate any rule of the game even if it happens unintentionally, and if it takes place, it is taken as a surprise to many that how such a side with an army of experts can do so. Real Madrid is one such side who recently included winger Denis Cheryshev in its starting lineup for the game against Segunda B club Cadiz on Thursday. Initially, no one noticed what is happening but when Cadiz came to know that 24-year-old Russian footballer has had been booked three times last season playing at Villarreal on loan, they filed a formal complaint citing the mistake done by the Spanish side. Looking at the complaint, Real first replied that any such sanction is not applicable since player was not notified personally but later looking at the heat on the issue, club president denied of having done anything wrong deliberately. Florentino Perez expresses his ignorance about the issue and said, “We did not have any knowledge nor did the player of his own suspension. No one knew. After an analysis with the board of directors, we have decided that the suspension for three yellow cards was not effective because no one communicated it to the player as per Article 41.

Real Madrid was not aware of the existence of any sanction, no one communicated that to us. The CAS has dictated that a player receive a personal notification. If we admit that the suspension was efficent, it would have to have been annulled according to Article 112, which states that the suspension is not effective because it was not communicated to the player so there was no fielding of an ineligible player.”

Clarifying their earlier stand that player was not notified on the issue, 68-year-old added, “It makes no sense to say that the player was notified if it was not so. Madrid has not been able to anything more than analyse the nature of this reality and we believe the suspension was not done effectively. We will in the very least go to the CAS because there is jurisdiction. If someone did not do their job, we would ask for forgiveness. But if the player has not told us, nor the federation, nor Villarreal, it is impossible for us to be aware. We did not receive any information on July 27. The federation knows this.

“No one was negligent at Real Madrid. That is our conclusion after speaking with our legal team.”