ManU beat Liverpool at Anfield; Van Gaal calls it a morale booster for whole side

When Manchester United is being criticized for not dominating its opponents in last few weeks, its latest triumph over in-form Liverpool is like a fresh air in Red Devils dressing room. However, they win only by a single goal but the way they restricted the home side is impressive looking at their show in recent time. Wayne Rooney was the only scorer, his 176th in premier league, that too happened at 78th-minute that proves how nail biting that game was. Anyways, this win brings a kind of respite for under pressure Van Gaal whose job has been under threat after not winning a single one out of last nine played games. On the other side, it was like a shocker for Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp who looked confident for their win at home especially in front of own fans. Calling it one of their best this season, Dutchman said after the game, “When you beat Liverpool, it is good for the fans and for the table as our competitors also lose points, it is a big step in a good direction and I am very happy.

“In the first-half we didn’t keep the ball and we have survived the first-half. In the second-half we played much better and kept the ball better and created chances and Wayne Rooney makes the fantastic goal again. We have played against Newcastle and given away two leads and now we have done the things we have trained and discussed so that is most precious aspect of the game today. We won and we have won a lot of games in 2016 now and have not lost yet.”

Without being overconfident with just one show, former Real Madrid boss added, “We have a lot of matches still to go. We started 2016 very good with a lot of wins and I think this game will give a big boost to the players and the fans, and everyone in the environment of Manchester United. We have to continue, which is not so easy. We have seen that today but we can do it because we show every week we can do it.”

“No, I don’t think so,” he said if it was their best show. “You have to see it always in perspective. It is a fantastic win for the fans, for me and the players and it will give us a boost, and maybe in that perspective you are right. There are matches we have played much better than today, and in that perspective I can’t say it is a good day because Liverpool were the better team in the first half and normally we are dominating games.”