Florentino Perez backs Rafa Benitez to continue as coach

Life is not easy when you are associated with a big side especially when you do not have experience of mentoring a reigning club containing more world class players than ever and this is something that seems to be happening with Real Madrid’s newly appointed manager Rafa Benitez who is now feeling pressure of guiding players who have long been a brand in themselves. Until last week, 55-year-old Spanish was enjoying his stay at Santiago Bernabéu but after a humiliating defeat to arch rival Barcelona he along with President Florentino Perez faced fans’ embarrassing chants asking them to resign from their posts. However, no one listened anything against Ronaldo during the whole game suggesting fans are still with Portuguese despite rumors of him linking with former side Manchester United. Anyways, this is the right time for President Florentino Perez to back his manager and rightly so he guarded his new head coach amid rising demand of his sacking on his reported difference with Ronaldo.

Reportedly, Real dressing room is not happy with the way Benítez is managing club affairs and according to players vibe, they want club’s B-team coach Zinedine Zidane to take over the former Nepoli boss. Talking about manager and if they are thinking of his sacking after reported difference with teammates, Perez said, “We have analysed the sports situation. Real Madrid coach Rafa Benitez has all our support and trust. The solution to this is Rafa Benitez. We signed him to turn things around. We think he is the right person. But we must let him work — not listen to those making up lies that board doesn’t want him, or the players don’t want him.

“He has a good relationship with the players, with the board, and me in particular. We understand the anger of fans after Saturday, but ask for support for our players. It is not habitual for us to be permanently denying things (Benitez sacking). But I understand that there are some journalists who want to destabilise us. On Saturday, a sports paper from Madrid said that according to Radio Montecarlo I had dinner with the PSG president and — what’s his name — Jorge Mendes to talk about Cristiano.

“There are people who lie to damage Real Madrid. They think that, without me, they would have more influence in the club. I could say many more things. Never has Cristiano Ronaldo said to me ‘With this coach, or this club, we will win nothing.’ has never said anything about anyone, he is a good guy, all that comes out about me wanting to sell him, meeting with people, is people wanting to destabilise the club. It happens every day.”

Neymar would shine even more in Premier League: Ronaldinho

Neymar has ever been the most talked about player ever since he shined playing for Santos and now when he has become an integral part of Barcelona, there are many who imagine him playing for other teams and how would he perform in other popular leagues. Former ace Barcelona starlet Ronaldinho is one such player who insists Neymar is having one of the finest ball holding techniques including his trademark Rainbow Shot and he is possibly the only player who can shine even more playing for any other team in the world. He highlighted English premier league as the best place for him to gleam since it is knowingly the best tourney to get world attention. However, former Santos player does not need to prove anything yet former Brazilian pros often talk about him serving other giant sides and 35-year-old is one of them. He said this after Sr. Neymar hinted his son may not enlarge his contract with Spanish giant citing the running tax evasion case where he is also an accused for evading millions of States taxes.

Anyways, talking about his countryman, Ronaldinho assured Neymar would be as successful as he has been for his former sides no matter where he is playing and this charisma is more than enough to make him one of the all-time finest rollers of the ball. This is undoubtedly a moral boosting statement from one of the former legendries who has won FIFA World Player of the Year awards back in 2004 and 2005, he said, “He could and would succeed at any league in the world. Of course, there are always transition periods. But when you have that much ability you will succeed in any league in any country.

England is not an easy league to succeed in, but yes of course he would be a success there. I can’t see why Barcelona would want to allow him to leave, but if he was to, I’m sure that it would have to be for a record fee. Neymar, currently on form, is the best player in the world. His rise has not surprised me at all. Even when he was a kid his ability was obvious. At the age he is, I still have every belief he can go on to get better and better. Now he has reached the level of the best in the world, he can stay there for five or six years, comfortably.”

Ronaldo ensures timely release of his documentary: “Ronaldo”

Big starts are known for their shining performances in the field over a longer period of time than others and to further enlarge their contribution to the game, there are many who have been featured in the motion movies in the past and if we talk about modern soccer, Real Madrid’s Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the only one to have a debut with a full featured film named “Ronaldo.” It is actually a documentary made on the life of the star forward and is about to release in London this Monday. But there could apparently be a delay in the premier if we rely on the close sources after Real’s 3-2 loss to Sevilla in La Liga. Although, both director of the documentary and player are nulling any such report but it looks a possibility amid recent media conversation with the club bosses. At the time of writing this story, Ronaldo has assured there will be no delay in releasing his documentary specifically for the defeat at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and fans also don’t want to have a postpone of the much talk about real life visualization of Portuguese career.

Ensuring a timely release of ‘Ronaldo’ Real starlet said to reporters, “Of course I’m a bit sad about the game yesterday, I don’t want to mix that up with today. This is one of the most important days of my life. Not everyone who plays gets the opportunity to have a film made about them by these people. It’s a unique moment in my life and I want to enjoy it. With United I have a great passion. What Jorge did for me at 18 with the words of Ferguson was a dream. To play in Sporting and move was ‘wow, what is that?’

“When Ferguson wanted me and said I’d play 50 percent of the games that was unbelievable. I took that decision because Jorge helped me. The last word from Ferguson was key also.”

Adding how different it was for him sharing the house with a film crew, he said, “At the beginning it was a little bit strange to be honest because during my life I have never put people in my house I don’t know…well…sometimes! Too much? Maybe but I just had fun. I don’t regret anything. I feel unbelievable. When you do something people will find reason to criticise you, but it’s normal.”

Benitez accepts Real inability to handle pressure during Sevilla loss

Real Madrid new boss Rafa Benitez seems to be highly optimistic for Real’s impressive show this season that is why he is not ready to accept any loss especially when they have been in dominating position. Last game with Sevilla was one such game that eventually went in favor of home side and they won a high scoring game quite impressively. Sensing the importance of possibly a lost opportunity, Benitez expresses his frustration over the way his side handled the pressure during crucial moments although James was the only Real player who impressed everyone with his brilliant ball holding technique in the later half.

Game started with good news for the visitors when Sergio Ramos header gave them initial lead but their joy was short lived as Ciro Immobile, Ever Banega, and substitute Fernando Llorente made it sure Real would have to go back empty handed. This defeat is also noticeable looking at Benítez side’s season record where they have conceded just four times out of first 14 La Liga and Champions League games. Talking about what went wrong for them and if manager was responsible for placing players on undesirable positions in crucial moments, Blancos coach said in the post-match news conference, “We played 30 very good minutes, lots of control, in all levels. Then we let them score at a set-piece. That changed the game.

“From the second goal we started to make mistakes, they took advantage and scored a third. We came back and scored late, but it wasn’t enough. That was the lesson from the game, in the first half a good Real Madrid for a long time, in the second half we were not able to manage the situation. We should have killed the game in the first half, and we didn’t.”

Another disappointing news for the Spanish giant has been injury to Sergio Ramos which could yield more negative impact in upcoming games. Clarifying if Ramos’ injury was the turning point of the game, Benitez said, “I wouldn’t say it determined things, as the other centre-backs played well. But one change made a difference, as we had one substitute less to change things when we wanted to. I speak about the team, as a team, I do not talk about individual players. And we were not able to control the game in the second half.”

Ronaldo would go back to United: Jose Semedo

Soccer world is full of surprises where you cannot be sure if someone would continue playing his current side or not despite of having been a loyal teammate for it and Real Madrid’s highly successful forward Cristiano Ronaldo is one such player who has ever been in the media: most of time for his firing performances, while some time – for his transfer rumors. Every week we encounters at least one claim that suggests former Manchester United player would move out of Spain in later years of his professional career like other legendry players who switched to rather third zone clubs when they crossed a particular age. But if it could also happen to Ronaldo is still a skeptical thing since 30-year-old Portuguese is still in a fine form despite of his age and if we rely on Real president recent statement where he ensured they would continue enjoying his services until he reaches forty, no one should have any doubt of Ronaldo future. Former Sporting Lisbon teammate Jose Semedo is the next one to guess where Ronaldo could land in later stage of his career and expectedly he counts over ManU to hire his services again.

Semedo, who now plays for Sheffield Wednesday as centre-back, has been a close friend of Portuguese and he said this after having been in touch with the starlet for years. He supported his claims with the fact that Ronaldo won Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards when he used to be a United man and agrees of his successful run in Spain as well yet strongly believes, he would move to central Europe at some point of time. Talking about Ronaldo future, Semedo said, “He is very happy at Real Madrid he loves English football, he loves English people, and deep down I think he will come back to England because it doesn’t look like he wants to finish his career without getting back to England.

“He said he would wish Real Madrid is in England, but that is not possible. I believe he will end his career in English football again.”

Although, these rumors are in preliminary stage no one is taking them seriously and even Ronaldo has never said anything about this himself, but since he is growing with the time, and if Real would afford him if his age hinders his performance, would be interesting to see.